Caring for your Hair Extensions:


    • Gently Shampoo hair following the direction of hair flow no more than 1-3 times a week.Always wash hair after exercise or swimming as dirt and sweat build up they can cause the hair to tangle and knot.
    • Condition hair from the mid shaft to the ends. Use a salon quality conditioner with no sulfates. Lightly rinse with cool water, leave some conditioner on hair.
    • Use a soft bristle extension brush on the extensions 2-3 times daily, gently work from the bottom to the top. No back combing or harsh brushing.
    • Run fingers through hair daily to ensure bonds stay separated.
    • Always make sure your hair is dry and tied back in a loose ponytail or braid before going to sleep. Never go to bed with wet hair.
    • While wet use a wide tooth comb to detangle and let hair dry about 90% before using an extension brush
    • Be careful with blow dryers, never dry in a scrubbing motion. It is always best to let the hair dry naturally, then style.
    • Curling irons, flatirons and hot rollers may be used but the more you use it the sooner you will have to replace your extensions.
    • When using heat, always avoid the extensions bonds.
    • Seawater and chlorine pools can cause dryness to the extensions making them tangle and knot up. To minimize these effects wet hair completely in a shower prior to swimming. After swimming, rinse out thoroughly, shampoo well and apply conditioner.
    • Some extension loss is normal and is to be expected. Average client natural hair loss is approximately 50-150 strands per day. You can expect to see a small quantity of naturally released hair trapped in the attachments after time. This is normal and should not be interpreted as hair being pulled out of the scalp by the extensions themselves. Daily brushing close to the scalp and finger separation of the applied strands will avoid matting of this are.
    • If your hair and/or extensions are dry apply some leave-in conditioners or hair oil so that the hair is soft and moist. A good leave-in treatment can keep the hair from drying. But remember not to put too much otherwise there will be a build up and make the hair feel heavy or tangle. If the hair feels too dry or heavy with too much hair care product you should wash the hair completely. Avoid products with alcohol or ethanol which dry hair out. 
    • It is strongly recommended that you don’t perm, colour, or apply any other chemical process to the hair extensions.







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