Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What brands of extensions do you use?
Answer:  We carry 3 lines of hair extensions including Short2Long, a strand-by-strand hair extension system that uses tiny, color-coated link tubes for attachment & Loop n’ Lock which is the same process. These processes uses no heat, cold,  glue, weaving or braiding.  We also carry Hot Heads tape in extensions that don’t require any tools to apply or use heat, cold, weaving or braiding. All systems are safe and painless to apply and take out.

Question: Will people see my extensions?
Answer: NO.  All our extension systems blend naturally with your own hair and are very easily hidden even when the hair is worn up. Check out the before and after photos!

Question: What type of material  are the links or glue made out of?
Answer:  The type of materiel used for the microlinks is aluminum. The glue used for Hot Heads is a safe high quality surgical grade.

Question: How are the extensions applied and taken out?

Answer:  With our systems there is no tension, stretching, heat or cold used during the application or the take down process.  With Short2Long your hair is simply threaded through a looper tool, which slides on a link, then a pre-tipped hair is inserted and the link is gently squeezed closed. The Loop n’ Lock system is the same but comes with the hair and clamp already together so even easier! Hot Heads is a quick and rewarding system that is applied by pressing two single glue sided tape in sections together over a small porting of the natural hair. That’s it!! These processes are completely safe and painless and the results are amazing. To remove them the links are simply clamped back into a circle and the extension slides out or a solution is used to dissolve the glue and slide the extensions out leaving your natural hair untouched.

Question: What can I do with my hair once the extensions are in?
Answer: Our extensions wear like natural hair so basically anything you would do with your own hair. They can be washed, combed and blow dried as normal and even  curled, flat-ironed and in some cases colored with ease.

Just remember to always take extra good care of your hair and you will look younger and feel GREAT!

Question: Can I brush my hair with extensions in place?
Answer: Yes!  we recommend brushing 3 times a day.

Question: Is the hair natural, what is it like?
Answer: Yes! It is  top quality 100% human hair. Silky fine strands of human hair create texture, with a slight wave pattern. The hair can be curled with curling irons or it can be perfectly straight with a ceramic flat.

Question: How long do they last?
Answer: As you hair grows, your extensions will grow away from your scalp. Most people can go anywhere from two to six months before needing service, depending on your hair growth. At that time, the extensions can be removed and reattached for a long lasting
effect. You can also have them re-tightened every two months as recommended.

Question: Can I re-use my hair?
Answer: The Great thing about these quality systems is that YES you can re-use the hair.

Question: How do I care for my hair?
Answer: Please see our link for Extension hair care.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Hair Extension Technician

Hair Extensions are more affordable than ever with many stylists working out of their homes to provide you with the lowest possible cost for a luxury item. Whether you are looking for a salon stylist or someone working from home there a few things you should consider before booking your appointment.

Does your stylist wear their own hair extensions?

This is a big clue as to whether or not your stylist stands behind their product! Ask if they wear hair extensions and how long they have been wearing them. This will tell you whether or not they have experience handling and caring for extensions and if they know what problems or issues you might run into. If they have been wearing them
for years chances are they have been installing them for close to the amount of time. They should be able to guide you through any concerns you may have!

Does your stylist offer Free Consultations?

A professional stylist should be willing and happy to meet with you beforehand to discuss the specifics of your hair, lifestyle and options. Everyone is different and every experience with hair extensions will be different. A consultation can sometimes be necessary to get a feel for what the wearer is trying to accomplish, answer any questions, ease any concerns and discuss any past experiences. Having this information will help the stylist give you the best possible experience and they should be eager to discuss this information with you. Do to time constraints and travel you may not want to nor have time to book a consultation. If this is the case is the stylist asking you these types of questions when you do contact them?

Have you been referred to a stylist by a friend or colleague?

People usually refer others only when they are happy with the service they received. If someone has referred you, chances are that they think you will enjoy the product or service. This is the best advertising a company can get and companies should to treat all customers as if they would send they’re closest friends to you!

Does your stylist have a website? And if so is it good? Do they offer before and after pictures?

Websites are a key way to show clients that you are professional. This is an area where can showcase before and after pictures, answer questions and provide additional information about hair extensions. Stylists should be proud to showcase their work and should have taken the time to provide you information. Having a wide range of before and after pictures will allow you to see what they are capable of. Look to see if there are pictures of someone with hair similar to the length and texture of your own hair.

Does your stylist have a physical location?

Be weary of those who only offer travel service. Travel service can be a nice alternative for those who do not own a car but travel service also means the stylist cannot be located and therefore may be difficult to find if a problem arises. Travel service should include a travel fee as it requires the stylist time and effort to pack and drive to you. The reality is that hair extensions require proper tools which can difficult to lug around. If they are offering travel service to anywhere without a fee you should be asking questions about why they are looking for business outside their market area.

Non salon stylists (at home) can provide an equal (if not superior service) as they deal strictly with hair extensions as opposed to cutting, shaping, colouring etc… Check that their space is clean, well set up and professional looking. They should have lots of tools, accessories, hair and professional furnishings. These will give you clues as to how established a stylist is what kind of pride they take in their art.


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