Loop N’ Lock

Loop N’ Lock Hair Extensions


  The Secret Strands™ Loop N’ Lock extension system is a tool-less application system. No Glue, No Heat, Just Load, Loop & Lock! It’s as easy as one, two, three!!


Loop ‘n Lock hair is 100% Remy human hair, so the cuticle is in tact and running in the same direction. Our hair has not been coated with silicone, so the hair will stay healthier looking, longer.

The quality of the bond or attachment is very important. Our attachment is made of aluminum and has a protective coating on the inside ensuring protection to the hair. As there is no use of glue or adhesive of any sort, there is no chance of any residue being left on the hair when the extensions are removed. Basically the loop pulls a small section (strand) of your hair through the aluminum bead and then the extension is clamped on to your own hair using an extension tool (plier).

- Reuse pieces making them more affordable and efficient than other extension systems.

- Can easily be curled, straightened or pulled back into a ponytail and look natural!

-Placed throughout the whole head evenly for a very natural look and requiring little to no blending.

-Hair is pre-tipped with links making application faster than other link or fusion systems.

-Add volume, length and highlights that last for 2-4 months or more!

-Comes with the proper brush and after care maintenance package to keep the longevity of your Hair Extensions


Loop N’ Lock Extension Prices(Prices Include full head hair at wholesale cost & Installation)

Any colour 18″  – $500

Half head 18″ – $300

Highlight pack any colour  – $55 (ten pieces)

Mix & Match Highlights – $100 (twenty pieces up to two colours)

Upkeep: Re-tightening extensions every 8-12 weeks is recommended,

The cost to maintain them every 8-12 weeks is $200.

*Extensions require special tools to be removed. Once you no longer want your Extensions, Please have them removed for: $100.00 (damage free!)



What is Loop N’ Lock?
Loop N’ Lock is a strand-by-strand hair extension system that uses tiny, color-coated aluminum crimps for attachment. This process uses no heat, cold, glue, wax, weaving or braiding. It is safe and painless to apply and take out.


How long does it take to apply the extensions?
It takes approximately 1.5-3 hours to apply Loop ‘n Lock extensions to a full head (depending on how thin or thick your own natural hair is).


Can hair be styled, like my normal hair?
Yes! You can use a hair dryer, curling and hot irons, everything you would use in your own hair. We suggest air-drying your hair as often as possible. Excessive heat may damage the extensions, as they don’t produce natural oils like your own hair does. We strongly suggest you follow our suggested aftercare extension maintenance guidelines for best, longest lasting results.


What products can be used in the hair?
Avoid products containing protein, silicone, alcohol, ethanol, sulphates or oils, as these can all damage the bonds or certain products can remove a coating and causes the hair to get tangled and matted. Heavy conditioners should not be applied at the scalp or tape tabs but rather mid shaft to ends.


Can you see them?
Loop N’ Lock extensions are a very discreet way to wear hair extensions. The loops are the same colour as the hair and are so tiny in size hidden away from part lines so they are not visible.


How long do the extensions last?
8-12 weeks depending on your rate of hair growth.  Its recommended to keep them fresh and close to the scalp to prevent matting and tangling and ensure the extension bond stays seamless.  The hair can be reapplied up to 3 times so hair only needs to be replaced every 6-8 months.


What type of material  are the links are made out of?
The crimps are made of aluminum and lined with a protective coating to preserve and protect the natural hair.


What is the texture of the hair?
The hair has a slight body wave that smooths out very easily with a round brush and holds a curl well.


Does the hair fall out?
Like your real hair, all hair extensions have some fall out. If the Loop N’ Locks are applied correctly and tightly, you can expect only around 2% to 4% fallout.


How are the Loon N’ Lock extensions applied and taken out?         
With Loop N’ Lock there is no tension, stretching, chemicals, heat or cold used during the application or the take down process. Your is hair is simply threaded through a looper tool,  which then slides through a link attached to a pre-tipped hair and the link is gently squeezed closed. That’s it!! The process is completely safe and painless and the results are amazing. To remove the links are simply clamped back into a circle and the extension slides out leaving your natural hair untouched.


How Many Extensions Are Required?
Without seeing your hair it’s very hard to suggest an exact amount, but here is a general guide of how many extensions are required.

10-50 – To add highlights.

50 – To add highlights, add minimal length or disguising hair damage.

100+ – To add length and volume.


What can I do with my hair once the extensions are in?
Loop N’ Lock extensions wear like natural hair so basically anything you would do with your own hair. They can be washed, combed and blow dried as normal and even  curled, flat-ironed and colored with ease.

Just remember to always take extra good care of your hair and you will look younger and feel GREAT!


Can I brush my hair with extensions in place?
Yes!  we recommend brushing 3 times a day.


How long do they last?
As you hair grows, your extensions will grow away from your scalp. Most people can go two to six months before needing service, depending on your hair growth. At that time, the extensions can be removed and reattached for a long lasting
effect. You can also have them re-tightened every two months as recommended.


Can I re-use my hair?
The Great thing about this system is that YES you can re-use the hair. Unlike some other systems the hair can be re-used.


Why do some extensions tangle?
As the extension hair and/or natural hair sheds, the shed hairs can tangle around each other at the root of your hair as they are still enclosed in the bond. The strands can seem “stuck together” or growing out mixed up with each other. Pulling wet/damp hair into a ponytail or sleeping on damp/wet hair can make your chances of this considerably worse. Brushing to detangle the hair is essential, but also using something with finer teeth, like a comb or wig brush to help remove the shed hairs can help prolong extensions. Run fingers through bonds daily to ensure the stay separated as they grow out.


Can I shower normally with the extensions in?
Try to wash extension hair only 1 -2 times per week. When you rinse out conditioner, use cool water on low pressure. When you use hot/warm water it causes the cuticle layer of the hair to become slightly raised, and high water pressure causes the hair to move around causing the cuticle layers of each hair to become intertwined(especially if they are not facing the same direction) Combine that with the shed hair, whose cuticle are now raised as well, mattes and knotting can form. Also avoid sulphates in products.


How much do they cost?
Loop N’ Lock  start at $300 – $460 for the initial installation, depending on the length and amount of hair desired. $200 to maintain them every 8-12 weeks.


How do I care for my hair?
Please see our link for Extension hair care.




- When you wash your hair, only wash it in one direction with the natural flow of your hair. None of that crazy hair-scrunching lathering. You will end up getting badly tangled extensions if you wash your hair like that. Be gentle,  hair shrinks when it’s wet therefore the microlinks will be a little looser and could slip down.

- Only use professional-quality products. Supermarket shampoos just don’t cut it for extensions – for starters, products with lots of silicone can cause the extensions to slip. Don’t apply shampoo or conditioner over links, mid-shaft to ends only.

Please see aftercare section for detailed instructions.

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