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Welcome to Obsession Extensions

Welcome to Obsession Extensions


Our goal is to create looks that work for every individual in every lifestyle, we want you to feel your absolute best when you leave our salon! Every service begins with a complimentary consultation and client discovery. We are always happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Whether it be a new look,  highlights, or just a splash of fun colour, we can work together to achieve the style that you want. With over 6 years of experience and official HotHeads certification we are well practiced in extension recovery, fixing other services that were not up to standard.


We offer Braidless Weave, Hot Heads, Short2Long & Loop n’ Lock Human Hair Extension systems, as well as lots of fun mix and match options!

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Hair extensions should be viewed as an extension of your natural hair and should be treated as such. This may seem odd to some people as many think hair extensions should be treated better than your natural hair. If this is the case, you may be treating your natural hair poorly, you should be treating your natural hair and hair extensions with great care so as to keep both at their optimal best, strong and healthy. This also allows your natural hair to grow and stop breakage while you are wearing your hair extensions.

Matting and tangling can be one of the most common issues for hair extension wearers. There are many reasons why hair extensions tangle and matte up at the root. It can be improper brushing techniques (or lack of), improper installation, moving while you sleep or even sleeping on wet hair. Some people experience this more than others and some not at all.

There are few things you can do to make sure that tangling and matting are kept to a minimum.

1) Premium hair – virgin quality hair is known to for tangling less. This is because the hair is silky soft and hydrated. The dying process of Remy Hair can damage the extension hair making it more likely to tangle.

2) Brushing properly- Extension hair should be brushed at least twice a day (in the morning and at night). A wide tooth comb, boar bristle or loop brush will help to keep the extensions form wrapping around each other.

3) Silk or satin pillow case- If you move around in your sleep, try sleeping on a softer pillow case. This is also good for keeping the ends soft and healthy.

4) Going to bed with dry hair- Wet hair can matte and tangle especially if you move in your sleep. Make sure your hair is dry and tied up in a loose braid or pony before bed.

5) Book your regular touch ups- During your touch up your stylist can brush out any tangles as well as give you an idea of what is going on back there. It is better to have them charge a small fee to look at them and help you with tips on keeping them looking beautiful than to lose them over tangling and matting!

6) Proper installation- Extensions should be installed in an intentional pattern so that stray hairs to not get left behind causing them to wrap around your bonds. Review our FAQ on for tips on choosing a professional.

7) Wash only to root section of your hair- Washing your hair especially in a rubbing or circular motion cause tangling. If you feel the need to wash in between your bond use a mild shampoo and wash very


*NEW* fun colour highlights, no-damage extensions, mix and match colours; 5 pieces for $2015 pieces for $50, 30 pieces for $85. Only come in 16″ length. Stay in for about 3 months and can easily be removed and re-used, made of real Italian hair, can be curled straitened etc. See picture below! 


15 pieces for $50, 30 pieces for $85, mix and match colours


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