A Great Website Goes A Long Way

Hello friends!

I wanted to put up a quick post about my website since I receive so many wonderful comments and questions on it.  My website was designed hosted and maintained by www.daystarconcepts.com for an incredible rate and has been assessed at over $6000. I can easily update photos text or posts on my own instantly or submit them to my webmaster.

My site is secure and functional and easy to navigate for both my clients and my own updating needs, which is exactly what I was looking for. Mention this post and receive a great rate as an awesome partner incentive being offered to my wonderful clientele.  You can also look them up on Facebook to keep current with their ongoing specials and growing portfolio.  I highly recommend DayStar Concepts as I have changed my website and had it revamped to a much more professional look thanks to them (any of my  veteran clientele can agree the upgrade from the black and purple site was much needed!)

I have received nothing but incredible feedback from clients, other spas and even suppliers since the switch.  My website has been a major generator of new clientele and a diversified audience with hits coming from all around the world now. My search engine optimization has been increasing every month so my need for any sort of promoting or advertising has dropped substantially as everyone seems to find me now, I just have to keep up with the influx of business!

I hope this has answered any questions you may have had, if any further information is required please feel free to contact me or Daysar Concepts directly we’d both be happy to help.