Air Brush Tanning F.A.Q.

Q: Air brush tanning verses salon spray booth tanning…

A: Air brush tanning is not painting a colour on skin like how many visualize it. You are spraying a formula that enables the skin to develop colour. Based on natural skin tone, DHA % in the solution, base colour of the solution and the time it’s left on the skin, the varying outcome can be perfect bronze to awful orange results. The technicians skill and knowledge is what makes all the difference. Air brush tanning is both a science and art and at Obsession, we treat it as such.

Why be treated like a car going through an automated car wash when you can receive a personalized quality tan to suite the colour and detail you want provided by a professionally trained technician. Whether you’re short, tall, big, medium or small, a booth will spray the same amount in the same motion rather than a controlled amount tailored to your body type and needs. Whether you have a warm, cool or olive natural skin tone the same base colour solution is applied by booths, where an air brush technician can customize your solution based on undertone to determine the proper amount of DHA needed to achieve the colour and depth of tan you want.

• Air brush tanning is much more accurate than booth sprays

• Air brushing can be done in the comfort of your home or in Salon

• What booths do in 30-60 seconds, airbrushing does between 10-15 minutes.

• Precision application of the solution evenly across your body ensuring the best results.

• Air brush tanning is also cleaner than booth sprays.

• Air brushing tends to last longer

Q: Does it wash off?

A: NO! The bronzer colour is for application but the unique DHA is what creates that perfect tan. Similar to a natural sun tan DHA is not permanent and will fade as your skin regenerates, this is why a weekly to biweekly application is recommended.

Q: Can I still go tanning in the sun or a bed?

A: Your air brush tan will actually help by stimulating the dark pigment of the skin, known as Melanin, it can accelerate any form of sun tanning. Those who wish to combine our products with an additional sun tanning regimen will see quicker results, although we strongly advise the use of  SPF or sun block when engaging in any form of sun tanning.

Q: Does my air brush tan have SPF or sunscreen in it?

A: Experts recommended that we not add any type sun protection to our product for the simple fact that everyone is different. There are many different degrees of sunscreens and blocks that it would be impossible to satisfy all of them.

Q: How does Air Brush Tanning tanning work?

A: The body is sprayed with a gentle mist using a UV free sunless tanning solution.  The active ingredient DHA (DHA occurs naturally in sugar beets and has been approved for use on the skin for over 30 years), soaks into the outermost layer of the skin and causes the superficial layers of the epidermis to oxidize. This naturally produces a colour change and darkens the skin. As the skin cells gradually wear off the colour slowly starts fades, just like a UV sun tan but without the harmful effects of sun damage.

Q: How long will my appointment be?

A: We book our tans in half hour slots. All our premium tan services include in-depth consultation, disposable underwear, bra, hairnet and sticky feet and even a fun tan sticker. Application starts with a prep rundown and a ph balancing prep spray application to optimize your skins ability to absorb the tan. Then your customized tan solution will be applied. A finishing powder with shimmer and scent options is then applied to protect and dry the skin. We also have add-ons you can make a tan super skin cocktail packed with anti-aging, skin firming, shimmer, glitter and scent options! After words we answer last minute questions and go over after care, the whole process can take fifteen to thirty minutes.

Q: Will the tan rub off of my clothing or bedding?

A: If you prefer to wear undergarments or swim wear, choose something dark. Disposable thongs are also available for your use.  You will by dry by the end of your session but some of the cosmetic bronzer can come off on the inside of your cloths or on your bedding if you go to bed prior to your first shower. This is normal and will not effect your tan or stain your clothing.  Tan solution washes out of almost all fabrics but it can stain nylon, silk and leather. Avoid these fabrics until you’ve had your first shower.

Q: I have tattoos, how will my spray tan effect them?

A: The solution does not have any effect on tattoos, it will simply tan over them as a natural tan would but it will not fade them like UV tanning does.

Q: What will my first shower be like?

A: Detailed post tan care will be provided at your appointment but check out our Before Your Air Brush Tan Appointment  page for basic instructions. Do not moisturize after a rapid tan rinse (3 hours) only after 24 hours or the second shower. Use warm water, not hot and the palms of your hands to rinse bronzer off taking no more than 3-4 minutes. Absolutely no soap, shampoo or other products allowed. You will see the bronzer washing away – this is normal! Gently glide over your whole body with your hands to remove bronzer evenly. Do your feet last making sure no excess bronzer has gathered there. Please do not pee in the shower with a spray tan, the ammonia in the urine will cause your tan to streak. Pat yourself dry, do not rub.

Be gentle. No more loofahs until you are ready to say goodbye to your tan. Seeing streaks? That means you rinsed to quickly and did not gently skim your entire to remove bronzer, jump back in to shower and rinse some more.

Q:  Is air brush tanning safe?

A: YES! The active ingredient DHA has been approved for cosmetic use by the FDA and the Canadian Health Ministry.  It is considered non toxic and non carcinogenic. DHA based spray tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Organization, American Academy of Dermatologists, Canadian Dermatology Association, The American Cancer Society and the American Medical Society. It is a perfect alternative from sun and lamp tanning you get a beautiful tan without the harmful effects of UV.

Q: How long can I expect my tan to last?

A: Prep is everything!!! Follow our pre-appointment instructions to make sure you have the healthiest foundation to develop a tan on. Next take care of your tan by avoiding all exfoliates as well as products with sulfates. Daily moisturizing is essential to prolonging your tans life. Depending on how well you care for your skin the tan should last seven to eleven days. Skin replaces itself every twenty-eight days, so no matter how you obtained your tan it will fade prematurely if not maintained correctly. The more you moisturize, the longer the tan will last. If your skin is dry it will cause your tan to fade quicker. Also if you apply a DHA tan extender it will help extend the life of your tan.

Q: What about swimming with the product?

A: The product does fade but it does not wash off. Do not swim immediately after the application of the product this would result in waste. Avoid swimming for 36 hours after your tan.  If you swim, take a lot of long baths or hot tub dips, it dries and exfoliates the skin faster resulting in a shorter tan life.  Also always remember to pat dry with your towel not rub!