Pre-Appointment Instructions

The Night BEFORE Your Appointment:

Moisturize well daily the week leading up to your tan. Shower the night before your tan, after shampoo & conditioner exfoliate with a washcloth or loofa and moisturize. The next morning exfoliate again gently without any products.  Pay close attention to elbows, knees, ankles and problem dry areas. This removes dead skin that can cause a tan to look patchy. Do not use exfoliating products with oils or sulfates as these can create a barrier. Avoid all Dove products as they’re known to interfere with tan processing. 
Exfoliation will ensure optimal results with your air brush tan. Whether this is your first tan or your tenth, it’s very important that you exfoliate before each application. Try to avoid using soap bars as some leave a slight residue on the skin and can prevent the skin from absorbing the solution.

Beauty before tans – Make sure your lash, hair and nail appointments are completed 24-48 hours prior to your tan as these services can alter or strip the tan. Hair should be dry at the time of your appointment.

Shave or wax. Wax at least 48 hours prior to your tan and shave the night before. If you have larger pores shave 48 hours before. After your tan hair removal methods can strip the tan as well. 

Once you get out of the shower: NO deodorant NO lotion NO perfumes or body sprays NO makeup.

BRING an umbrella to your appointment if it’s raining, or a pillowcase to cover your seats if they are leather and your legs stick when it’s warm. Extra dark loose fitting clothes that will not leave marks in a developing tan (bra).

-If you are PMSing, or on your first few days of menstrual cycle the spray tan can develop very light or not at all. 1 out of 50 clients experience this, please schedule accordingly when possible.
-If you’ve had a recent sunburn, even as far as a month ago please know that there is a high probability your tan may look blotchy and your skin could peel where ever you have been burned, regardless if you peeled or not. Sunburned skin is damaged and very dry which makes it unreliable to provide quality results with. Please allow sufficient healing time to any sun damaged skin before tanning.

At Your Appointment:

Choose what you would like to wear during your Air Brush tan session (the darker the better). Women wear whatever makes you most comfortable (Anything from swimwear to nothing at all). Men, you are required to wear boxers, shorts or swim trunks.
Remove jewelry (piercings can be left in but you may need to clean the jewelry after your tan).

Once you arrive: I will answer any questions you may have after reviewing your consultation form. I’ll go over proper prep to ensure your skin is in optimal condition to absorb your tan. We will choose the best formula to suit your needs and select your complimentary base colour and any additives you would like to blend into your custom tan mix. Then you’re ready to suit up in your disposable bra, underwear, hair net and sticky feet provided with your service (or nothing if you prefer!) You can also apply a fun tan sticker at this point. Next we will spray you with our pH balancing prep spray followed by our custom tan formula and dry you completely. We finish every service with setting powder with shimmer and non shimmer options. This will dry and protect your skin during the tan processing time.

Any other questions will be answered and a follow-up sheet will be provided after each service.

Following your Air Brush tan experience: Wear loose-fitting, dark clothes and try to go bare foot or wear sandals.

Completely avoid moisture until your shower (this includes sweating).

Wait at least 8 hours before taking a shower with a regular formula or 3 hours with a rapid.

Moisturize twice daily. Check out our approved products list for brands to try out and to avoid when tanned.

The Basics of Aftercare:

**Read and follow your detailed post tan care after sheet provided at the service to get the most life out of each tan.**

rub your skin dry after a shower, pat dry (rubbing causes exfoliation, which will shorten the life span of your tan).

Try to AVOID swimming or long soaks in the hot tub (chlorine dries your skin and may cause your sunless tan to fade faster).

DO NOT exfoliate or use exfoliating soaps or products until you are ready for your next sunless application

AVOID products with oils, alpha hydroxy and products that contain alcohol. Touch up any areas that may be fading quicker due to excess washing or scrubbing with our Skin Smoothie Mist or Self Tan Spray.

ALL of these instructions are necessary to ensure you the best tan experience and colour possible. If prep instructions are not followed there will be an additional fee for us to prep you and the spray tan may not be flawless. If  prep isn’t done sufficiently and we are not able to complete it at the appointment, a cancellation fee of the full service amount is due before re-booking. Please contact us with any issues or concerns pertaining to your tan.