Smells like Spring already!

Last night i left my window open all night and didn’t wake up with icicle eyelashes, in fact it was very comfortable, and to me that means spring is here!  So I figure its time to start hitting the gym getting “bikini ready” and all that, but I was missing one of the most obvious and important things you can do for summer.  There,  5’3″ below me were the most poor, neglected, Shrek like feet I have ever seen! Ashamed to say in the midst  doing clients nails and my winter hibernation I had completely disregarded my own feet. Needless to say I went straight up to the nail studio and fixed that situation right up.

Its funny how we can forget the little things, that come the sun can bring embarrassing realizations of how busy life can get and how the little pampering things we enjoy get put to the back burner.  Don’t let yourself be caught in this situation. Everyday its getting nicer and were seeing more snow melt, its going to be sandle season sooner than you know!

If your like me and don’t have the time/upkeep patience for regular pedicures, I suggest you try gel toes. I know it sounds a bit weird at first but I can guarantee you will be surprised at how much you will enjoy them. The color /nail doesn’t chip and wear like the polish of pedicures, the gel nails feel and look like real nails, most people wouldn’t know its gel. Best of all, gel toes seem to take forever to grow out to a noticeable state, therefore saving you the time of having to go every few weeks and money of getting the pedicure retouched 4-5 times during the summer.  Last year I had my gel toes done in June and it lasted me until August resisting all the camping, swimming and hiking I like to do with no challenge.  So if this sounds like something you would be interested in, or you have any more questions feel free to contact me!