Q: What is the difference between Gel and Acrylic?
A: The difference between Gel and Acrylic is a timeless debate in the Esthetician world and you will hear different answers depending on what company funded the course that certified the Esthetician and if their preference is gel or acrylic based. Most nail techs will tell you one is better than the other because that is what they are told in school or that is what they specialize in. The truth is the ingredients are fundamentally the same there is not a huge actual difference in Gel and Acrylic other then properties and curing abilities, but neither is better or healthier on the natural nail than the other. Although, people who find they have acrylic allergies or sensitivities do end up discovering that they can often wear gel with no problems.

Acrylic is simply an older method of doing nails. Gel is an advanced technique that has corrected some of the complaints people had with Acrylic, like yellowing the natural nail and the strong scent that comes from the monomer and powder procedure. When they formulated gel they also upgraded the properties to a more natural nail. Acrylic is a cement like substance it has no bend or give, if it breaks it will more likely clean break than crack or chip where as gel is more like a plastic substance that has give and bend like a natural nail. Acrylic is also a bit more porous (absorbent) than gel so it’s more likely to yellow from things like tanning. This is also why many Acrylic nail techs will put a gel overlay on the nail to seal it.

Also, as many have noticed acrylic tends to be considerably cheaper than gel, but be careful with this as some techs use acrylic monomer (the liquid) made with Methyl Methacrylate, MMA which is not safe for use in nail products in any circumstance! Remember, nice nails aint cheap and cheap nails arent nice, you get what you pay for.  MMA monomer is around  $20-$30 a gallon compared to $180-$250/gallon for high quality, professional, cosmetic grade monomer and sticks to your nail better than your nail sticks to your finger thus many nail beds are torn and damaged from the nail plate.

Q: What are Solar nails and why do you not offer them?
A: Solar Nails is a brand of acrylic manufactured by CND. It is one of their original brands and is a true acrylic and nothing more. The NSS salons are promoting it as better then gel and acrylic, and charging more for it. Simply put it is pink and white acrylic with a gel top coat. CRYSTAL NAILS, DIAMOND NAILS, PORCELAIN NAILS, -The above service names are most frequently used as ploys to charge more for “enhanced” nail services. It is important is to understand what service you are really getting and paying for.

Q: How do I know I will receive the same safe sanitary treatment I do at salons with you?
A: What you probably didn’t know is that at this time, Canada does not regulate the Esthetic industry which means poor work practices often go unnoticed during inspections and many unsanitary salons continue operating.  You can feel safe knowing Platinum Empire takes sanitization seriously and will never sacrifice your health for our profit. We are fully certified taking all the necessary precautions and extra steps to ensure you are not exposed to infectious diseases, fungi, bacteria or other contagions that can easily be avoided. You wont see fingerprints in the lights before you put your hands in, there will never be other peoples nail dust left over on the counter and a new sanding bit and file are used with every client.

Q: What are the advantages of artificial nails?
A: For people who bite or pick at their nails, there is a 90 percent success rate of stopping this habit with artificial nails  This is because people are less likely to ruin something they’ve spent time and money on and are inspired by having beautiful nails that they want to last. Finally you can have natural looking nails you have always dreamed of without having to work at it!

Q: Will my natural nails continue to grow?
A: Yes, and gel nails can actually improve the health of your natural nails by protecting them from biting, picking, excess moisture and other elements that could weaken or damage your natural nails. Many nail biting clients are excited to see their natural nails longer then they had ever thought after just a few short months.

Q:Should I let my nails breathe or take my artificial nails off for any reason?
A: Nails, just like hair are dead and do not need to breathe.  By keeping the nails trauma free by a proper application by a certified technician, the healthy condition of the nails should not be affected with regular gel nail fill maintenance. It can actually be more harmful to remove nail frequently rather then upkeeping them.

Q: How often do artificial nails need to be maintained?
A: Every 2-3 weeks (depending on the individual), Nail technician will fill in the area near the cuticle between where the natural nail has grown and where the artificial nail or tip is attached. This “fill” includes smoothing, re-sanitizing and re-applying the product where it has naturally grown out.  You can also change colours and decals at this point for a totally new original look.

Q: How long will my gel nails last?
A: Gel nails should be maintained every 2-3 weeks. It is important to have regular fills because if the gel lifts away from the natural nail, moisture and bacteria can accumulate between them. Your technician can spot problem areas best and will provide adequate advice.  It is also very important to follow maintenance such as applying cuticle oil and hand cream daily as this will keep the nail healthy and will prevent lifting and dry cuticles.

Q: How long will it take for my nails to return to normal after removing my nails?
A: If your natural nails were treated correctly in the beginning, and if you’ve been maintaining your nails with regular visits to the studio, your natural nails will be in good condition after the nails are removed   Your technician will offer advice on what products to use and how to best strengthen your natural nails after your gel nails are removed.

Q: I bite my nails down so far there is no free edge, do you use tips and will the nails stay on? I am looking for gel -V
A: I can use both tips or sculpt the nail if you would like nails longer than your natural ones. I prefer and recommend sculpted nails especially if your nails are really short because it offers a stronger complete structure that acts more like an actual nail where as tips can lift in the middle when hit or banged causing pocket lifting and weakening the overall nail.  I have sculpted MANY long nails on extremely short nails and have not had any problems thus far.

Q: Do you charge extra for decals, crystals, broken nails or colored gels? – R
A: I have a full list of my prices here, some basic designs as well as bonuses like free birthday month art and monthly gift baskets draws are all included in loyal client bonuses.

Q: Do you offer duckbill or flare nails?
A: Yes I do offer them but because I must re-sculpt the entire set each time they are always considered fullset pricing. All colours and designs included as always and I can make the flare as extreme as you like it to be.

Q: Do you offer Shellac nails?
A: Shellac has been commonly mistaken for a nail service when it is actually a product brand. Much like most people will ask for a Kleenex instead of tissue, people will ask for Shellac rather than a gel polish service. I do offer gel polish manicures and pedicures with a much larger colour variety than just shellac.

Q: Is there anything I should/shouldn’t do before a Manicure or Pedicure service?
A: Please refrain from shaving at least 24-48 hours before your service. Why? It can cause micro abrasions that may allow pathogenic microbes to enter and can also increase the risk of some products stinging, irritation or infection. It is essential for infection control.

Q: How long should I wait after shaving before booking a Brazilian wax or a first wax in general?
A: A common rule is that if the hair is about the length of a grain of rice it is long enough to wax. This can range anywhere from one to three weeks depending on the client and growth cycle. If you have never waxed before and have a special event coming up, such as your wedding or a vacation we don’t recommend getting a first wax ever only a couple of days before you leave or the big day. Try to plan ahead and get in at least two wax cycles before you leave, that way the first wax, or the more uncomfortable one, is out of the way and after the second wax the results will be better and you won’t be uncomfortable for your big event.

Q: How long do Brazilian wax results last for?
A: It can really vary with a few factors. Hair grows in different cycles depending on the person and sometimes even cultural background. Also, note that shaved hair is much thicker, because it gets cut off at its thickest point and does not grow back in one cycle so often after a first wax shaved hair can appear days afterwords. This is typically because a client didn’t wait long enough for ALL of the hair to grow out. The normal growth time is about 4- 6 weeks though clients do typically notice that after a few Brazilians the hair starts to grow back much slower and finer. Don’t have unrealistic expectations of perfect smooth skin after your first wax. This can take a few sessions and the patience to grow all of your hair out at the same time, but believe me, its worth it!

Q:I’m pregnant can I get a Brazilian wax?
A: Yes but please clear this with your doctor first. Just like getting waxed while menstruating, being pregnant can leave clients feeling extra sensitive during and after the waxing service. Some recommend it is also best to wait until the second trimester to wax. Its also best that we not provide a full Brazilian if a client is 5 months pregnant or more and has never had a Brazilian Wax, or has not been getting waxed for over a year. It is just too much shock for skin that is already sensitive and engorged.

Q: Can I book with you online?
A: At the moment our clientele list is full and it is best to contact us directly for appointments or wait times.

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