Bio –  About Us!

Bio – About Us!


Obsession Spa was created in 2010 by International Award Winning Top Canadian Nail Technician Cera Jade.  Upon moving to Calgary Cera received set after set of unsatisfactory, rushed nails and knew it was time to change this standard.

After deciding there was a definite need for a skilled tech in the Calgary area Cera arranged an exclusive one-on-one training in her previous home of Victoria B.C.. She was provided elite coaching and training in almost every brand you can name, including many types of art, proper sanitation, product and brand knowledge. In 2012 Cera re-branded the salon as Obsession Spa, proudly carrying on her educators name.

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Now with a decade in the industry and many new skills and services added to Obsession Spa, it holds a local repuation for quality people trust and consistently recommend.

Cera is an international nail competitor who invests in advanced training yearly to keep her skills on the forefront of industry advancements. She recently won “Top Canadian Nail Tech” in Division 2, as well as 3rd place in gel polish and 2nd in mixed media in two Nailympia International Competitions.

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Cera has been certified as an educator by multiple well known nail brands such as International Nail Manufacturers (INM) in April 2014 with Lorena Marquez and then took Ugly Duckling Nail Education in July 2016. In 2015 Cera was hired to run the nail program for National Institute of Wellness and Aesthetics (NIWA). It was those experiences that drove her to spend over four years writing and developing the Obsession Beauty Academy programs, which she still updates and edits to this day. 

We are now recognized in the local community for our excellent education and services, Cera has even been asked to guest speak for other educational esthetic institutes such as Delmar College.

Additional education includes body waxing through the Esthetic Institute, nail art or sculpting classes with Ramona Hales, MissU, Sarah Elmaz, Helen YEG, Murieva Medina, Nataliya Pahamova, The Dynamic Duo Natasha Harton and Christina Cronk, Kinga Micaci, Tanya Puttick and Brenda O’toole, Erica Schlabach of Ericas ATA and Hillary Dawn Herrera. Competition prep with Amy Becker, Guin Deadman-Littlefield and Lauren Wireman.

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Clients appreciate the extra care and personal time dedicated to each of them, leaving them excited to show off their fabulous nails and always eager to return.

Obsession takes each and every client and students needs, health, relaxation and sanitation seriously, ensuring every individual has the utmost care in their home spa or school experience. Without the corporate luxuries of having walk-in clients and street advertisement, those who come to us receive executive treatment to ensure they leave with a genuine smile and enthusiastic eagerness to return and spread the word of wonderful service.

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Obsession Beauty Academy is a division of  the top rated salon, Obsession Studio Spa. Created by our Master Educator Cera Jade, she knew it was time to change the local standard after receiving set after set of unsatisfactory rushed nails and never returning to the same salon twice.

Students appreciate the extra care of on-trend education and personal one on one time dedicated to each of them. with consistently updated and current curriculum leaving excited to show off the fabulous nails they’ve created and eager to return for more education.

Obsession Beauty Academy is run solely by Master Educator Cera, who takes care and pride in each students development and career growth. Unlike larger corporate schools that employ or contract various teachers that can cycle in and out or are not available for follow up support. Six months, a year or even five years after your education is completed it will always be her smiling face you are able to come back to for support.


Gel Products

We have sought trial and error advice from nail educators and senior technicians and buy the best quality products from a few of the most advanced lines available. Our regime consists of using Ugly Duckling, Amore, Fuzion, Light Elegance, INM, LCN & NSI Gels, as well as EnVouge. We have well over 100 colours and limitless custom mixed colours.  We create a ton of decals and art making it easy to meet special customer requests and continually advance designs and techniques. We also have a variation of Konad nail art that gives us the opportunity to offer clients a wide variety of quick and easy designs to choose from.

Gel Polish

We carry the Ugly duckling, Cuccio, Orly, le chat, china glaze & Gelavish lines of gel polish which we’ve had great wear with and love all the fun colour variety as well as exact colour match polishes. These are thin, easily soaked or filed off and provide longlasting unchipped wear and brilliant shine for those not wishing to do gel nails and are sick of regular polish imperfections. A gel overlay with imbedded art can be added to this service as well konad stamp art.

Manicures & Pedicures

We have an ever evolving array of products for all sorts of scents and sensitivities. Our products primarily consist of Foot Logix, LCN and INM brands but we you will never be surprised to see the newest products and brands popping up. We are very pleased with the new gel polish line from Ugly duckling happily carrying a variation of colours and add ons.


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We strictly use Thuya tint as it is a safe, Canadian approved coal tar free formula, leaving your lashes or brows looking fuller and darker. Please be careful when getting anything on your face tinted as there are many products on the market that are not approved. Refectocil and other brands are known for containing coal tar based dyes with p-phenylene-diamine which can cause blindness and advises right on the bottle “This product must not be used for dyeing the eyelashes or eyebrows; to do so may cause blindness.”  They are prohibited for use on the eyes in Canada, yet are still sold and used to tint daily.  Make sure you only utilize services from responsible, knowledgeable,  Estheticians.

Air Brush Tanning

Fake Bake and California Tan are revolutionary organically-based tanning formulas that utilize unique recipes with all natural tanning agents DHA and Erythulose but are Paraben free! They don’t clog pores, are personalized to various skin tones, water soluble, won’t stain most clothing and give an even healthy bronze tan, not orange! It can accelerate any other form of sun tanning and the active ingredient DHA occurs naturally in sugar beets and has been approved for use on the skin for over 30 years. DHA soaks into the outermost layer of the skin and causes the superficial layers of the epidermis to oxidize. This naturally produces a colour change and darkens the skin. As the skin cells gradually wear off the colour slowly starts fades, just like a UV sun tan but without the harmful effects of sun damage, although we do always recommend using sunblock when engaging in any form of sun tanning.


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Obsession has had great success with the Satin Smooth and Berodin line of waxes for all sensitivities, hair and skin types. We typically have on hand the deluxe antibacterial cream wax which is great for all skin and hair types but does especially help those with dehydrated or thin skin. Tea Tree wax which is a nice therapeutic wax containing tea tree oil and eucalyptus that have natural calming extracts that penetrate pores to relax and release hair follicles. great on sensitive areas like neck and underarms. Ultra Sensitive Zinc Oxide Wax is specially formulated for acne- or blemish-prone skin, fair complexions, thin or young skin also great for clients with sensitive skin that need a depilatory wax that protects them from irritation or rashes. ORGANIC soy wax. It is all natural, pure organic enriched with vitamin E, Titanium Dioxide and other wholesome nutrients that maximize hair removal and protect skin. removes fine to medium hair on sensitive skin. I also carry Aloe Cream Wax, Lavender Cream Wax, Wild Cherry Hard Wax the regular honey wax enriched with vitamin E Last I have my favorite wax, a specialized Brazilian hard wax. The Citrus Mojito Thin Film Hard wax is a no strip antibacterial wax designed for medium to coarse hair. It’s infused with vitamin C and natural spearmint to calm and soothe skin. Its incredibly gentle and pulls very clean.


We are pleased to offer our paraffin services to clients but as many are not sure what it is, here is a little information. One of the primary advantages of paraffin is that it allows for an even distribution of heat, which penetrates into the joints and is effective in reducing joint stiffness and pain. Paraffin wax can soften the skin and give it a healthier looking appearance. In particular, paraffin wax can be used to treat extremely dry hands, someone with extremely dry cracked skin would see an improvement after only one treatment. After several treatments, the skin could be healed almost completely. Paraffin wax is effectively used in conditions such as Bursitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry Flaky Skin, Stiff Joints, Fibromyalgia, Tired Sore Muscles, Inflammation and Arthritis. It is also helpful in following things: It improves blood circulation. It is helpful in pore opening. Paraffin wax improves your skin color. It soothes and moisturizes your dry skin. It is helpful in therapeutic massage, physical and occupational therapy. *If you have hypertension, diabetes, or varicose veins it is not recommended you use the paraffin treatments.*


Gel Nails

Whether its a full set or fill, your nail care is taken seriously from the start to finish of your service. The electric file is never aggressively used on a natural nail, the cuticles are exfoliated for a fresh clean look and extra care is taken to make sure the nail is properly prepped to ensure long lasting accurately applied set of nails is done. After choosing from a huge array of colours, designs and decals our clients nails are sculpted to suit their exact expectations of shape, length and width. Please note, during a fill we do not just buff the top layer of gel off and reseal the nail, we completely reconstruct the nail after removing almost all the gel but the very bottom base layer. Every nail service is finished with a revitalizing cuticle oil treatment and a choice of delicious moisturizers.

Air Brush Tan

Our tan system is exclusive and precise, working with your natural skin tone to achieve the perfect bronze sun tan, not orange spray tan. Offering the added bonus of travel, we can come to you in the comfort of your own home, leaving absolutely no mess! Hosting a tan party is a great way to spend an evening with friends and receive a free tan! You can rest assured that we will not only be professional but proper before and after care will be thoroughly explained to get the most out of each tan. You can feel confident any questions or concerns you or your friends may have will be answered in full. We also carry the exclusive line of body products designed to work with the Fake Bake tan system. Host a party with over 10 spray tan guests and receive not only a free tan but also hostess gift pack!