Air Brush Tanning

Air Brush Tanning

Air Brush Tanning:

Obsession Spa is known for providing premium product and high quality services and our world leading safe tan system is no exception!

With our air brush system you can conquer the long sought after quest for a perfect tan without risking your health or the Earths. We utilize organically-based tanning formulas that use all natural tanning agents such as DHA and are paraben free!

We customize your tan solution based on your skins undertone and use a complimentary base colour solution to create a perfect bronze tan that will develop to the depth that you desire. Air brush tanning is both a science and art and at Obsession, we treat it as such.

With both 8 hour solutions and 3 hour rapid tan options in multiple premium brands with varying colour undertones to suit every client lifestyle and skin tone.

All our premium tan services include in-depth consultation, disposable underwear, bra, hairnet and sticky feet and even a fun tan sticker. Application starts with a prep rundown and a ph balancing prep spray application to optimize your skins ability to absorb the tan. Then your customized tan solution will be applied. A finishing powder with shimmer and scent options is then applied to protect and dry the skin. We also have add-ons you can make a tan super skin cocktail packed with anti-aging, skin firming, shimmer, glitter and scent options!

Check out the Air Brush Tanning FAQ page for more info! Save $10 on a spray tan purchase when you combine it with any other service! Or get 10% off of a tan package while enjoying another service.

Air Brush Tanning packages

Single Full Body Tan $50
Double Dip $80
4 Tan package $160 ($40 per tan)
6 Tan Package $216 ($36 per tan)
8 Tan package $256 ($32 per tan)
Oops – prep package $10
CBD treatment $30 per 32mg
Anti Age Treatment $10
Skin firming Treatment $10
Opalescent shimmer $10
Golden Shimmer $10
Scent bomb $10
DHA additive $15

Tan Party:

Requires host plus three or more friends, host tans for FREE. 3-5 friends tan at $45 per person, 6-9 friends tan at $40 per person and over 10 friends tan at $35 per person. . We also carry the exclusive line of body products designed to work with air brush tans. Host a party with over 10 spray tan guests and receive not only a free tan but also hostess gift pack! *There is a $10 travel fee anywhere outside the S.W. City quadrant.